Quad Statement of Principles on Clean Energy Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific

Posted on: May 20, 2023 | Back | Print

States endorsing this Statement acknowledge that:

1. Diversifying clean energy supply chains in the Indo-Pacific is urgent and critical to enhance our collective energy security, create new economic opportunities across the region and support acceleration of the global energy transition to meet our respective climate goals. Through collaboration, we aim to expand manufacturing of clean energy technologies in parallel with exponentially increasing demand and enable commercial-scale production capabilities for critical devices, components, and systems.

2. Supporting future clean energy workforce needs by creating productive, decent and quality new job opportunities through targeted skills development, better integrating our collective clean energy workforce, and working together towards diversity through equity, inclusion, gender equality and accessibility in the clean energy transition will lead to greater skill-sharing and coordination on the development of nascent clean energy industries throughout the region.

3. Exploring inter-operability in our technical standards, policies and measures is important to effectively facilitate cooperation including investment, supply chain development and research and development collaboration in clean energy products and services from the Indo-Pacific region.

4. Promoting enhanced cooperation to drive towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices for clean energy supply chains improves market transparency and promotes sustainable development.

5. Encouraging greater public and private investment and collaboration in clean energy research, development & demonstration (RD&D) and innovation will be critical for improving affordability, bridging the gap between pilot and commercial scale projects, and reducing barriers to clean technology uptake. Collaborative research and technology co-development is necessary to accelerate the commercialisation of innovative clean energy technologies along with sharing lessons-learned from policy design and implementation to scale-up new technologies.

6. Encouraging and incentivising companies to proliferate decarbonisation solutions is critical to promote the diffusion of clean energy goods and services across the Indo-Pacific.